First Matrix submission! (courtesy of Richie G.)

You Don’t Like Squat’s?!

WOD 110112

A. Spend time practicing muscle ups. Make a few attempts, regardless of how far off you may be.
B. Hang Power Clean – Heavy double


“Nasty Girls”
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WOD 103112

Happy Halloween!

A. Practice handstands, wall walks & wall runs.
Accumulate a total time of 3-5 minutes upside down.

B. Max distance handstand walks – 3 attempts.

C. Max distance …Read More

WOD 103012

A. Mobility – calves and ankles
B. Snatch – 3RM – Take the time to reset. Focus on catching the weight low and staying on your …Read More

Be safe out there + Updates

First and foremost, I hope everyone is safe. I know some of you stubborn folks may not have evacuated your homes, and while I can’t …Read More

WOD 102912

Sandy, you bitch.

A. High Bar Back Squat – Find 3 RM

B. In honor of those hunkered down in Zone A – “Row Your Boat”

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Useful Training

It’s always a pleasure to be able to take the skills and strength you’ve acquired over the course of your training and apply it in …Read More

Beloved Barney

Remember folks, we encourage meat eating. Dinosaurs included.


WOD 102712

Happy Halloween and stuff

A. Eat candy
B. Sugar Coma
C. For time:

Run 2 miles
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Air Squats

Partition the work load anyway you want. I encourage you …Read More