Saturday – 120112


Every minute on the minute for 30 min:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

When the minute starts, as quickly as possible, complete all the reps from the 3 …Read More

WOD 113012 + Vanity Friday

A. Snatch practice.

B. 1RM Snatch

C. “Isabel” – 30 Snatches for time – 135#/95#

Vanity Friday

A. Spray Tan /  Tan – 20 minutes
B. 50 Barbell Curls (45#)
C. …Read More

Thursday – 112912

Well… after beating up on you all for the last three days we decided to take it easy on everyone and give your broken and …Read More

A. 1RM Deadlift

B. “Diane”

21-15-9 of
Deadlifts 225/155#

10 minute cap , so scale accordingly people. If you’re HSPU aren’t up to speed for the metcon, scale the …Read More

Lower Body Flexibility

Lower Body Flexibility

Tuesday – 112712

Firstly, thank you all for the birthday wishes. Much appreciated. Extra special thanks to Coach Dave for reminding everyone and then reminding them again.

Back to …Read More

Monday – 112612

First and foremost,

Happy Birthday to Coach Mike. Everyone, make sure you wish him a happy birthday. Try using one of these Bro variations to either …Read More

Sunday 111512 – Closed

Well, this is it. The final day before our classes launch. What can I say other than to be excited, be nervous, and be ready …Read More