A. Practice kipping pull-ups

B. 20 minute AMRAP
5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 squats
50ft bear crawl
50ft crab walk


A. Front Squat – 1RM

B. 3 rounds:
8 Front Squats @85-90% of 3RM (If you don’t know your 3RM, it’s roughly 90% of your 1RM)
400m run




A. Bench Press – Heavy 5

B. 5 rounds – 60s of work, 30s of rest

Row for calories
Weighted plank
Hollow rocks

If you aren’t already, make sure to …Read More

Wednesday WOD – Happy Birthday Coach Rich!

Happy Birthday Coach Rich! We love you and your sharp temperament.

In teams of two : 40 minute AMRAP

40 reps (20 each) of the following :

Deadlifts …Read More


A. In 10 minutes – max strict pull-ups OR max ring rows. If you cannot a  pull-up without a band, you will do ring rows. …Read More


A. 3RM Snatch “touch and go”

B. “Amanda”

Muscle ups
Squirt Snatches @135/95


A. Handstand pushup review  + max effort HSPU test

B. Open Workout 12.3

18 minute AMRAP

15 box jumps @ 24”/20”
12 push press @ 115#/75#
9 t2b


A. Practice Pistols (1 legged squats)

On a box, with a band, weighted, etc.

B. Back Squat – 3RM

C. Midline work –

10 minutes cycling through the following …Read More


A. “Cold Cuts” – max height box jump

B. 30 seconds of work, 30 seconds of rest , 30 minutes

Station 1 : Box Jumps @30/24” – …Read More


A. Deadlift 3×1

B. 4 rounds for time :

12 deadlifts @255/175
400m run