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Tim Talty, so much to write with so little space…

You might say Tim was a late bloomer when it comes to starting his fitness career compared to the other trainers at CFGP. At the age of 22, after years of neglect to his body and with an excess of weight hanging off of him, it was time for a change. He made a bet with a co-worker to lose weight, which ended up being a life changing wager. The next three years were the toughest of his life, filled with various programs promising results that they couldn’t deliver. This included stints of the “Tyler Durden Workout” followed by the ever popular P90X. Years had passed and he feared hope was lost because while he was able to lose weight it came with a price – his strength. Then, out of the blue, he heard about a new CrossFit box in the neighborhood from his brother-in-law. After the free week trial Tim was hooked. He followed the main site programming as best he could in his apartment. When he felt he was ready he joined the CF gym where he quickly learned he had been doing everything completely wrong. It was there that he cultivated his skills as well as his bromance with Ron, Mike, and Dave. (By the way, did you know Dave was spawned from Silver Back Gorillas? That’s crazy!) At CF Greenpoint Tim continues his quest for fitness and takes great pride in helping others reach their fitness goals.


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
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