Welcome to The Matrix. It is the place where the Internet and the real world meet and become one. It’s where meme’s come alive and gifs seemingly jump out of the computer and endlessly loop in midair like hologram Tupac at Coachella. Virtual kittens run amok and rainbow laser beams shoot out from the eyes of Unicorns. Also we post about CrossFit and weightlifting – but never about politics and religion (unless it’s Scientology). Simply put, The Matrix is the awesomest place in the real world and not-real world.

Member submissions are welcome and encouraged. For those that choose to contribute, we will be awarding Greenpoints for originality, laugh factor (aka lulz) and relevancy to CrossFit. NSFW material is acceptable (within reason).

Be sure to check back often, as The Matrix will be updated periodically throughout the day.

Enter at your own risk.