Provide the CrossFit Experience

For years, many have struggled through the same, mundane health club workouts. We hear people say their lack of progress is frustrating. They’re getting bored with their program. We receive countless questions about a better way to train. This is why we’ve finally decided to locally provide the CrossFit experience!

What Will Happen Every Day?

When you come to a CrossFit training session, we will train much like our college athletes train – as a team. We will warm-up together, then go through the movements of the day and WOD as a group. You will NOT be given a program and permitted to train on your own. You will NOT be allowed to do your own program. You will be trained under strict supervision following the prescribed program every day. This is for your own personal safety, AND it provides you with the most efficient avenue for daily improvement.

Train You Like an Athlete

Athletes don’t train to be average. They train to be the best they can be in their given sport. This is what CrossFit does for physical fitness. Training to be your best is at the heart of CrossFit – competitive, exciting workouts based on functional, life-improving movements done at high intensity.

We know the value of high intensity training. This is how athletes make such great improvements in strength, power, speed, flexibility, body composition, and other vital components in such short time periods. What if you trained like them? What if your training was competitive every day? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that you would also have a better chance of becoming the best you can be?

What if I Can’t Do the Movements?

Just like we train our athletes, we always begin where YOU are. In CrossFit, we are accustomed to scaling workouts to fit individual fitness abilities and backgrounds. Our goal is to provide each participant with a safe, yet progressive, WOD that allows them to achieve their personal best every day.

What is CrossFit?

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