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Open Workout 13.3 (AKA 12.4)

AMRAP 12 minutes of

150 Wallballs
90 Double Unders
AMRAP Muscle Ups

Click here to view the rules/standards

We will be running heats like last week, so plan accordingly.

Heat 1 – 9:50am
Heat 2 – 10:10am
Heat 3 – 10:30am
Heat 4 – 10:50am
Heat 5 – 11:10am

Also , we are hosting Punk Rope  Sunday, May 5th.

What’s Punk Rope?
Created in 2004 in New York City by Tim Haft, Punk Rope is the most popular rope jumping based fitness class in the United States. Tim and his partner, Shana, have conducted rope jumping workshops for thousands of fitness professionals, educators, and athletes.

The fee is $45 per person. The class size is capped at 20 people. Time is TBD but figure around 12pm. Stay tuned for more information on registering.

*Don’t forget – Gym closes at 11:45AM tomorrow. We are hosting another group of individuals for a private class, many apologies. Try to get in early so you can get your workout in.

Some great 13.3 workout tips for beginners