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Saturday is almost upon us. By now you should all be used to the routine…the current weeks’ Open WOD performed in heats. The schedule is the same as the previous week:

Heat 1 – 9:50 am
Heat 2 – 10:10 am
Heat 3 – 10:30 am
Heat 4 – 10:50 am
Heat 5 – 11:10 am

Sign up early if you want to guarantee yourself a specific time slot.

CF Greenpoint Open WOD 13.4 Heat Assignment

***Open Floor is canceled this Sunday in observance of the Easter Holiday. Thanks a lot Jesus!***


A. For time – 5rds of:

10 x Pull Ups
4 Lengths x Bear Crawls (back & forth)
4 Lengths x Overhead Walking Lunges 45#/25# (back & forth)

B. 3rds NFT:
15 x Hip Extensions
6 x GH Raises

C. Vanity – 3 rds of:
25 x Hand Release Push Ups (or clapping HRPU)
1.5 Minute Plank Hold
20 x Calf Raises (holding dumbbells)

Finish with 90 second AMRAP of Glute Squeezes.

I overheard Denis saying Thursday’s WOD was a lot of “cardio”…: